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Strategic Sustainable Impact Sourcing / Procurement as a Service

Committed to impacting sustainable sourcing. We use ISO 20400 and 26000 as our guiding principle procurement foundation. Achieving our goals and providing the best solutions for our clients, while honoring our values. 

BPOsolutions.info is a leader and specialist to SME's and Scale-up businesses resolving their sourcing needs and designs and manage the complete  BPO Contact centers & CX solutions selections and sourcing process which are designed to contribute and add value to your company while making sure you are set up for success from a BCP perspective.

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Vendor / Program / WFM Management as a Service

Managing vendors outsourced operations requires specific skills and your programs should always add value or serve to innovate expanding your business, let us take care or train your team on the job with our 6 or 12 months program to succeed.

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CX & UX Design

Channel & WFM Management as a Service

Grow your customers by optimizing the experience. "Expanding your Business". by driving value from your CX programs and find new ways to embed CX across your organization.

  • Vendor & Program Management as a Service
    10 aug. 15:00 – 16:00 CEST
    Delegate your vendors and contract management to us and let our results exceed your expectations.
  • How to Outsource Successfully ?
    wo 18 aug.
    18 aug. 11:30 – 15:00 CEST
    "Expanding your Business", who is next? Grow your business, improve your results, let us manage your programs as a service and deliver you these targeted results or help you train your team on the job. We can have a discreet look at your current incumbents service ageeement and results and help.
  • Strategic Sourcing & RFP
    di 24 aug.
    business webinar
    24 aug. 16:00 CEST
    business webinar
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Requesting Information regarding our (Managed) Services or Consultancy Solutions via a Form? Request a Consult instead. Discretion required? No problem! We understand and have mutual NDA's ready to sign, which allows us to get into the details. 

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