Procurement’s role should be strategical and doesn't need to sit in your organization. BPOsolutionsich.info solutions the Strategic Sourcing capability with an “As a Service Subscription.” Besides ad-hoc or consultancy, we now grow with your needs and appoint dedicated resources, twice a year, quarterly or monthly.  Expanding your business without having to staff or recruit for specific (category) procurement roles internally.

Pricing is still an essential part of the job, as is managing suppliers; if your procurement truly manages its suppliers? Our service includes oversight of asset utilization, confirmation of supplier compliance, and provision of data and analytics-backed insights to senior management or your board. BPOsolutions.info is an official partner of OneTrust Vendorpedia and with this partnership, we demonstrate how serious and critical we take vendor compliance  management.

Besides the risk assessments, you need diversity in the supply chain and COVID-19 is presenting unique challenges to fulfilling that goal. Fortunately, the emergence of digital supply networks has enabled BPOsolutions.info to perform its tasks for companies anywhere, and through our CIPS membership, we deliver associations' ethics and values and stay ahead of events with international knowledge-sharing. 

Our diverse and inclusive network of certified experts combines insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies with one goal:

"Expanding your Business."